Waffletechnology Card Reader Cleaning Card KW3-HSCB40


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This card cleaner is the best on the market!!!

Waffletechnology Card to remove contaminants from various card readers . Will clean the entire surface of read pins and magnetic heads. 40/box, part number KW3-HSCB40

How Waffletechnology ® Works

The cleaning waffles are flexible, raised platforms that allow the card to clean previously unreachable areas within the equipment. Cleans more thoroughly than traditional flat cards. Removes dirt, magnetic oxides, lotions and other contaminants. Clean the entire surface of magnetic read heads and read/write pins (present in smart card readers). It cleans in both directions, inserting and extracting.

Card Material: White fabric / Plastic Core / White Fabric

Card Size: 2.10” (+/-0.030) x 3.345” (+/- 0.030)

Solution: 99.7% IPA

Volume: 2ml (+/-0.5)

Waffle height .040 (+/- .005)

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 4 in