SolarEdge 250 Watt Power Optimizer


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SolarEdge power optimizers offer a superior approach to maximizing the throughput of photovoltaic systems using module embedded electronics. With superior efficiency (99.5%) even in mismatched and unshaded conditions and a flexible system design for maximum space utilization, these optimizers can offer a 25% increase in power output over a traditional central inverter.


  • Module level MPPT – optimizes each module independently
  • Dynamically tracks the global maximum operating point for both modules and PV inverter
  • Module-level monitoring for automatic module and string level fault detection allowing easy maintenance
  • Electric arc detection – reduces fire hazards
  • Unprecedented installer and firefighter safety mode – safe module voltage when inverter is disconnected or off
  • Connection of one or more modules to each power optimizer
  • Lower installation costs with faster design, less wiring, DC disconnects and fuses
  • Easy and flexible installation – use the same installation methods as exist today
  • Allows parallel uneven length strings and multi-faceted installations
  • Allows connection of different module types simplifying inventory considerations
  • Immediate installation feedback for quick commissioning