OptiMate Solar Duo 20W


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OptiMate Solar DUO 20W, the smart sun powered charger & maintainer for all ‘12V’ batteries – Charger by day, monitor by night!

The smart charge controller automatically adjusts charge according to battery type and condition – OptiMate Solar DUO’s smart control guarantees longer battery life and more battery power!

The controller’s fully automatic multi-step program brings the battery safely to full charge – Connect to the battery and OptiMate Solar DUO 20W does the rest, no supervision required!

Outer dimension, including corner mount brackets : Width= 36.2 cm / 14.3”  Height= 45.5 cm / 17.9”  Depth= 2.6 cm / 1

Solar Panel:

POWER : 20 Watts (max.)

VOLTS : 12V / 12.8V

USE : Outdoor.

STYLE : Weatherproof – polycrystalline, aluminium frame with 4 x mounting brackets, output cable 200cm / 80″ with SAE connector.

OptiMate Charge-Monitor controller:

CHARGING AMPS : 1.67A from 20W panel (max. average current), 3-5A pulse current

USE : Indoor / Outdoor  (lowest temperature: -4°F / -20°C).

SAVE : Low Volt Start of 4V

IDEAL FOR : STD, AGM & GEL 12V batteries from 2 – 240Ah and Lithium LFP 12.8V / 13.2V batteries

INPUT : 15 – 22V

STYLE : Weatherproof charge controller case.

INCLUDED: Weatherproof battery lead, standard battery clip set & 20W solar panel

SAFE: No risk of overcharging. Totally safe for vehicle electronics. Sparks suppressed. Safe for long-term battery maintenance. Automatic shut-down if short-circuited or battery disconnected.