PP-10048-12C 10kW capacity, 48VDC input


The GRANDE model is meant for a typical residential set-up. 10kW capacity, 48VDC input.


Microgreen Power Pak Grande


The GRANDE model is meant for a typical residential set-up. 10kW capacity, 48VDC input.

  • Save Money and Time
    The Power Pak box is designed to save money and time, by combining all the components required to go off-grid in a single box.
  • Easy Installation
    Just connect a power source and batteries, and you are ready to go!
  • All components assembled in a single box, safe to handle, ESA certified
    Inverter, charge controller, DC monitor, AC monitor, circuit protection, and connectors are integrated into a single box, saving cost of obtaining separate components, and the time of integrating them.
  • Multi-Purpose
    The flexibility of the Power Pak makes it useful for different purposes:

    • Off-Grid System (Mode 2 setting)
      By connecting Solar panels to a Power Pak, the batteries can be primarily charged by solar energy, creating an off-grid system. Combine this with a stand-by generator that acts as a secondary energy source.
    • UPS (Mode 1 setting)
      By using the grid as a power source*, use it as back-up power for appliances (i.e. fridge, furnace, water pump, etc.) The Power Pak will automatically switch to battery power when the grid goes down. Also protects appliances from electrical surges.
    • Hybrid System
      Use solar panels as the main power source, but keep grid connected as a back-up power source, thereby eliminating the need to buy noisy, costly diesel generators, while reducing carbon emissions and noise at the same time.
  • Easy monitoring of system power and voltage.
    The Power Pak comes with built-in meters for battery voltage, generated solar power
  • Accepts multiple sources of power
    Solar for off-grid use, grid for UPS use, generator as a secondary source for off-grid use, hybrid mode uses solar as main, and grid as back-up source.
  • Intelligent Connect (IoT) option
    Allows remote monitoring monthly/weekly consumption, temperature etc. Information is also accessible on-site via touch screen panel. Remote control of up to 2 devices possible, i.e. to control lights, furnace fans or other appliance.
  • Customizable, expandable
    May be customized to meet other capacity needs.

Power Pak GRANDE product specifications summary
INVERTER POWER RATING 10 KW pure sine wave
AC MONITOR Displays AC volts, watts & KW consumed
AC BREAKERS Input: 50 Amp
Output: 60 Amp
SOLAR INPUT 150 V / 3200 W
WARRANTY 2 years

Additional information

Weight 130 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 16 in