AccuMate 612 Mini TM-84 / TM84


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Don’t be stuck waiting for your battery to charge while all your friends are already enjoying their machines! Make sure you are ready to go, be proactive with your battery! Cheap enought to buy one for all your toys! AccuMate 612 Mini TM-84 Automatic 900mAmp charger for both 6V & 12V lead-acid batteries of all types – std filler caps, sealed (MF) maintenance free and GEL. Ideal for maintaining batteries of seasonally used or stored vehicles, including classic vehicles and deep-cycle batteries used in stand-by power applications. 3-STEP CHARGING PROGRAM – charges the battery with 0,9A current and keeps the battery fully charged when not in active use, without risk of over-charging. 100 % SAFE – Includes an auto-resetting thermal fuse switch that prevents the chargers output circuit from exceeding a safe temperature. EASY TO USE – select 6 or 12 volt by siding selector on rear of charger, connect to battery, then to the power socket. The rest is automatic. Recommended for use on all types of lead-acid batteries up to 55Ah Supplied with 2 detachable & interchangeable SAE battery connectors. Approved by ITS to UL & CSA safety standards for battery chargers. 2 year limited warranty. Service centers in the USA & Canada.

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