5 A Mob Charger 2905-01


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The 2905-01 is a “3-stage” electronic battery charger. Rainproof, lightweight, silent, and completely automatic, it produces 24 volts DC at a full 5 amps, while using much less AC current than older chargers. After it recharges your battery, it then supplies just enough power to compensate for the charge that a battery can lose during storage. Unlike automotive “trickle” chargers, the 2905-01 will not boil off the electrolyte in properly installed and maintained batteries. When the 2905-01 is attached to your battery and plugged into a standard 115 volt / 60 Hz AC outlet, the red and green LED lights let you know the unit is recharging and maintaining your battery. Total Amps: 5 Amps Number of Outputs: 1 Battery System: 5-24VDC DC Output: 8′ cable with 3 pin connectorInput Voltage: 100-130v AC/60Hz Input Connection: 8′ cable with 3 pin connectorDimensions: 6.3′ x 7.4′ x 2.4’Weight: 7.75 Lbs

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Weight 5 lbs
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