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1/4" Stereo Chassis Jack w/Switch 24-691-0
1/4" Stereo Chassis Jack with switch, 9mm mounting hole ..
40 POSITION Intra switch connector system for line by line switching or QA testing on flat cable ..
Dip Switch, 4 Pole, SPST ADF04
Dip Switch, 4 position,  Actuator: slide, flush, Thru hole, SPST   ..
Foot Switch, All Aluminum 47-620-0
Aluminum Base/Aluminum Guard Foot Switch,   Cast aluminum base and guard, 15a @ 250vac,..
Intra Switch 26-Pin
Intra-Switch. 26-pin. Allows any line in a flat cable system to be opened or cl..
Key Switch, SPST, 4a/125vac 47-282-0
Key Switch, SPST, On/Off, 4a @ 125vac, Key removable in either position, Bulk, assorted keys ..
Thermal switch  250 volt Normally Open  122f start 95f restart ..
Micro Switch, 25.9mm Roller Actuator, 15a, Packaged 47-406-1
Micro Switch - 25.9mm Roller Actuator, 15a @ 125vac, packaged      ..
Micro Switch, 27.5mm Actuator, 15a, Packaged 47-402-1
Micro Switch - 27.5mm Actuator, 15a @ 125vac, packaged       C..
Micro Switch, N/O and N/C contacts, 5a 47-300-0
Micro Switch, 5a @ 125vac (3a/250v), N/O and N/C contacts     Life: &nbs..
Mini Rocker Switch, DPST, 8a XRMQ208K02+01
Mini Power Rocker Switch, Euro-Rockers, DPST, Contact Rating: 8a @ 125 VAC, 4 A @ 250 VAC,  ..
Mini Toggle Switch, 4PDT, 2a 7401MD9AV2QE
Mini Toggle Switch, 4PDT, On-None-On, PC Mount, Right Angle, Vertical, 2a 250v, 5a 120vac, Epoxy ..
Mini Toggle Switch, SPDT, .4a 7101
Mini Toggle Switch, SPDT, .4a Max, PC Mount, Right Angle,  On-None-On ..
PC Mount Sub-Mini Toggle Switch, DPDT, 5a 41-273T-0
DPDT Sub-Miniature Toggle Switch, PC Mount, 2-Pole, on-on, 5a @ 125vac or 28vdc, UL/CSA Approved&..
PC Mount Sub-Mini Toggle Switch, DPDT, 6a 41-275-0
DPDT PC Mount Sub-Miniature Toggle Switch,  2-Pole, on-off-on, 6a @ 125vac, Economy PC Mount..
Power Rocker Switch, 15a XR116A
Switch SPST Rocker, 15A  @ 125V, 10A @ 250V, Snap-In ..
Push Button Switch, SPST, Black button, .5a 44-541-0
Ultra-miniature Push Button Switch, SPST off-(on) N/O, Black button,  .5a @ 125vac ..
Push Button Switch, SPST, Red button, 1a 44-552-0
Push Button Switch, SPST off-(on) N/O, Red button,  1a @ 125vac ..
Pushbutton Switch, 3a SPDT 8161LHV30QE
Pushbutton Switch, 3a 125v, SPDT, On-On   Features/Benefits:  • Long travel..
Pushbutton Switch, SPDT, 0.4va, R/A 8125SD9SABE
Snap-Acting Momentary Pushbutton Switch, SPDT, PC Mount, On-Mom., 0.40va 20v, Through-Hole Right ..
Pushbutton Switch, SPST Off-Mom., R/A TP11SH8ABE
Pushbutton Switch, Momentary, SPST Off-Mom., .155" High Plunger, Right-Angle, PC Thru-Hole, ..
Rocker Switch, DPDT, 2a, Black 7201J50AV2QE2
Rocker Switch, DPDT, 2a 250v, 3a 125vac, On-None-On, Vertical Right Angle with PC Thru-hole, Silv..
Rocker Switch, SPDT, Red 7101J51ZQE33
Rocker Switch with frame, Sanp-In, SPDT, Red, 2a 250v, 3a 125v, On-None-On    Featu..
Rotary DIP Switch, 10 Position, BCD DRD10E04
Rotary DIP Switch, 10 Position Binary Coded Decimal, Flush, Thru-Hole, Rotor Colour: Red, Ca..
Rotary Switch, .3A, 1 pole 12 position 48-511-0
Rotary Switch, .3A @ 30VDC Non Shorting, 1 pole 12 position, Knurled shaft with split ..
Slide Switch, DPDT, 1a, On-Off-On 46-011-0
Slide Switch, DPDT, on-off-on,  1a @ 125vac, Overall Size: 35mm L x 9.7mm W ..
Slide Switch, DPDT, 1a, On-On 46-010-0
Slide Switch, DPDT, on-on,  1a @ 125vac, Overall Size: 35mm L x 9.7mm W ..
Slide Switch, SPDT, .3a 46-001-0
Slide Switch, SPDT, on-on,  .3a @ 125vac, Overall Size: 19mm L x 4.5mm W ..
SPDT snap action toggle
SPDT snap action toggle Rated: 12-14 volts DC 20 amps. Terminals: accept .250” pu..
Switch Cover for Rocker - Rubber   SS008 ..