We are BTW Electronic Parts, Batteries, IT Services and SOLAR. Opened in 1980 the store supplied franchises with electronic parts. In 2016 Brian and Jackie bought the business and added a retail storefront for customers. They are now on a mission to provide both the community and the environment a more sustainable future.

About our Staff:

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Meet Brian and Jackie Haire; Brian is our President here at BTW Electronic Parts, and Jackie is our GM / VP of HR and in charge of Finance.

Brian and Jackie are from the Kawartha Lakes area although Brian's previous work has taken them all over the continent. They currently reside in the small town of Fenelon Falls.

They have 2 beautiful daughters, Jessica and Katie. For years Jackie and Brian have spent their time enjoying each other, their kids and their families. In 2016 Jackie and Brian purchased BTW from Barry Whittaker, since then BTW has grown to be the largest supplier of Batteries and Electronic Components in the Kawartha's. If you would like to chat with them you can call our store or drop by they always enjoy company.

This is Ray our Director of Operation here at BTW. He’s been with us since 2017 and brought with him an extensive background in both the Solar and I.T world. He is a loving husband and father. He’s extremely knowledgeable on all types of wiring and batteries. Give him a call for all your Solar, I.T, Wiring and Battery needs!

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This is Kelly, our Office Manager! She has a large background in automotive and administrative duties. Kelly grew up in the Kawartha Lakes and is a loving wife and a mother of two wonderful kids. Kelly is extremely knowledgeable and can help you with all of your electronic parts, automotive and battery needs. Give her a call.