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Roll-It Rubber Cleaner Rejuvenator 52408 LLoyds

Roll-It Rubber Cleaner Rejuvenator 52408 LLoyds
Product Code: 52408
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Roller & Blanket Cleaner ROLL-IT is blended from the highest grade d-Limonene and USP anhydrous (medical grade alcohol). •ROLL-IT is designed to remove and clean ink, toner, dirt and debris from rollers. For use on Platens, Copiers, Facsimiles, Printers, Typewriters, VCR's and Capstans. •ROLL-IT will not corrode rubber parts and quickly evaporates. •Not for use on some plastics. d-Limonene is derived from citrus peels and is a natural ink and grease cutter. d-Limonene is Flammable. 237ml/8oz (Refillable from 4lt can 52408),Lloyds

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