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End Caps for A7D-106-1, Black A7D-1M-1
End Caps for Push-operated switches A7D-106-1, Screw Mounting(Back mounting), Black, 1 Pair &..
Foot Switch, All Aluminum 47-620-0
Aluminum Base/Aluminum Guard Foot Switch,   Cast aluminum base and guard, 15a @ 250vac,..
Lamp Cover, Green A3BT-510G
Lamp Cover, Incandescent Lamp, Green, Oil-Tight IP65 sealing, for us in Pushbutton Lighted S..
Micro Switch, 25.9mm Roller Actuator, 15a, Packaged 47-406-1
Micro Switch - 25.9mm Roller Actuator, 15a @ 125vac, packaged      ..
Micro Switch, 27.5mm Actuator, 15a, Packaged 47-402-1
Micro Switch - 27.5mm Actuator, 15a @ 125vac, packaged       C..
Micro Switch, N/O and N/C contacts, 5a 47-300-0
Micro Switch, 5a @ 125vac (3a/250v), N/O and N/C contacts     Life: &nbs..
Photomicrosensor, 20ma 24v EE-SM3B
Photomicrosensor (Transmissive), 20ma 24v Through-hole,   General-purpose model wi..
Rotary DIP Switch, 10 Position, BCD DRD10E04
Rotary DIP Switch, 10 Position Binary Coded Decimal, Flush, Thru-Hole, Rotor Colour: Red, Ca..
Rubber Key cap     C&K ..
Subminiature DIP Switch, Thumbwheel, 10 Position A6A-10RW
Subminiature DIP switch, Thumbwheel, 10 POS, Output Code:  BC 1-2-4-8, Sealed construction e..
Switch Cover for Rocker - Rubber   SS008 ..
Switch, Micro Lever, Momentary, N/O, 5a 125v   28 x 16mm   *Item is obsolete ..
Switch, Open Reed Switch, SPDT
Switch, Open Reed Switch, SPDT, NO/NC,  1a @ 150vac, Overall Length: 55mm, Glass Length: 14...
Switch, Open Reed Switch, SPST
Switch, Open Reed Switch, SPST, On-Off, 1a @ 200vdc, Overall Length: 52mm Glass Length: 19.5..
Switch, SPDT, On-None-On             *Item is no longer available ..
Switch - Toggle switch rubber boot,  M12 x 1.0 thread size  BULK, Philmore ..
Switch, Toggle Switch rubber boot, 15/32 - 32 thread size,  BULK   Philmore ..