Contact Cleaner or Lubricants

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Card Swipe Cleaner for Credit Card Readers, 50/pkg 8301-50
This Presaturated Cleaning Card is designed to safely and effectively remove all dirt, magnetic o..
Contact Cleaner with Silicones 404B-140G
With Electronic Grade Silicones Cleans and protects with electronic grade silicones for lubricati..
Electrosolve Contact Cleaner, 340gm 409B-340G
Fast dry Safe on plastics Zero residue Contains isohexanes. Use when a zero residue contact clean..
Oiler Pocket Pen
Oiler Pocket Pen - for lubrication in tight spots , .135 fl oz   No Longer Available ..
Reach-All Pen Oiler, 1/2fl.oz(15ml)
Instrument oil. Tube extends and retracts. Excellent for lubricating instruments, gears, timers, ..
Rubber Keypad Repair Kit 8339
Rubber Keypad Repair Kit 8339 This easy to use kit permanently repairs rubber keypads. Kit comes ..
Silicone dielectric compound 1fl.oz tube
Soft, inert silicone grease with excellent dielectric properties. Usable over a wide range of tem..
Super Contact Cleaner Pen 801B-P
Contact Cleaner Pen - Protects gold for life. Improves conductivity  on all metals. Safe on ..
Super Contact Cleaner w/PPE Pen 801C-P
Use when requiring a contact cleaner with lubrication that offers long-term protection from oxida..
Thermal Grease, 2GM FAN-GREASE
Create the best thermal connection between your processor and heat sink with our thermal compound..
Translucent Silicone Grease, 85ml 8462-85ML ,MG CHemicals
A water repellant, non-melting, dielectric grease lubricant. Provides superior corrosion protecti..
White Lithium Grease, 85ml 8461-85ML
A multi-purpose lubricant suitable for all moving parts. Provides superior lubrication and protec..
 Lloyds, Silicone Lubricant - Multi Purpose , Lloyds 61920
Silicone Lubricant - Multi Purpose 400 g (20 oz) aerosol • Stainless • Odourless • Waxles..
HD Silicone™ Lubricant ES1623
HD Silicone™ Lubricant is specifically formulated to provide severe environment lubrication with ..
Kleens-It Electrical Contact Cleaner – Industrial Strength 500 g (20 oz) aerosol
SAFETY SOLVENT NON FLAMMABLE Low odour Contains no Trichloroethane 111 Used in most power..
LOOBIT 284 mL (10 oz) precision pump
33010 Loobit User friendly, easy, clean application Non flammable as a liquid Non solvent..
Moly Anti Seize Compound MS2 250 g brush top can, Lloyds 62625
MS2 Moly Anti Seize Compound 250 g brush top can, Effective in extreme temperatures up to +1100°C..
Pow-R-Wash™ CZ, 12oz ES7300C
Pow-R-Wash™ CZ electronics contact cleaner is a highly effective nonflammable solvent cleaner for..
Stabilant 22, 15ml Concentrate 005-010-015
Stabilant 22 is an initially non-conductive block polymer which when used in a thin film between ..